U.N.A.S. is a structure that brings together, by free adhesion, county associations of dentists, foundations and scientific societies with a dental profile in Romania.

It is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization with legal personality that defends the interests of dentists, associations and societies, regardless of nationality, political or religious convictions.

U.N.A.S. wishes to provide a nationally professional and scientifically representative forum for dialogue with the Romanian and international governmental and non-governmental institutions.

U.N.A.S. wishes to inform the public and organizations concerned about oral health and dental care issues; to contribute to the creation of the appropriate framework necessary for the exercise of each profession contributing to the dental practice; to defend the interest and prestige of dentists in doctor-patient, dental-technician, physician-physician, and public opinion.

U.N.A.S. supports scientific research and introduction of the new dentistry, organizes a dental medicine information and documentation system and publishes specialist journals, organizes postgraduate training courses to maintain the high standard of dental medical practice.