Interdisciplinary approach of teeth with endodontic pathology

Honorary President: Prof. Dr. Andrei Iliescu

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the 3rd UNAS Symposium, which focuses on Endodontics, in an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, with the help of renowned lecturers discussing topics from the following areas: endodontics , ENT, medical emergencies, genetics, orthodontics, implantology, legal medicine, medical law, pediatric dentistry, restorative odontotherapy, prophylaxis and dental microscopy, all related to the diagnosis, treatment and care of teeth with endodontic pathology.

This year, we have the honor of opening the scientific activities of the Symposium by Conf. Dr. Paula Perlea, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry – UMF Carol Davila, whose didactic activity takes place in the Endodontics discipline.

The event is credited with 16 hours of EMC by the College of Dentists in Romania.

During the Symposium there will be a workshop entitled “The correct rotation of the root canals with the Adaptive TF system and their obture through the Continuous wave technique”, supported by Dr. Liviu Daniel Căminescu, sponsored by KaVo Kerr.

Theme SYMPOSIUM: Interdisciplinary approach of teeth with endodontic pathology

The event takes place from 17th to 18th November at CRYSTAL PALACE BALLROOMS.






 Participation Fee

  • for UNAS members -250Ron
  • for non-members UNAS- 350 Ron
  • residents / retirees -150 Ron
  • doctors of other specialties – 150 Ron
  • students: FREE

The registration fee for the symposium can be paid as follows:

  • UNAS headquarters in Bucharest, Mitropolit Filaret Street, no. 24, sector 4, tel 021 / 335.61.87 until November 15, 2016.
  • sent to UNAS account – RO66 RNCB 0075035215150001 BCR branch 4, by nominal payment order, pay sheet until 13 Nov. 2016 specified in the explanation field: fee for symposium for doctor (full name and full name of the person for which this fee is being sent) and its quality: UNAS member or non-member.
  • starting with Nov. 17. directly at the secretariat of the Calea Rahovei Street Symposium, no.198 A, sector 5.

Please, after November 13, 2017, do not send the symposium fee through the bank, as there is no time to register, and pay the fee directly to the Symposium Secretariat.

Also, please do not send money by postal order.

To avoid confusion, please make sure that the payment orders or bill of materials are sent out in a straightforward manner, written in plain text, and must necessarily include full name and full name so that they can be written on the symposium diplomas.

Membership of an association is proven by the day-to-day card or by the original document attesting the payment of the current membership fee.

You can get more details by calling 021 335 61 87 or by sending a message to




On Friday, November 17, at 18:00, a Round Table will be held at the Symposium on the theme:

“Forensic issues arising from endodontic treatment”

The session will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Bogdan Dimitriu, Head of the Endodontics Department of the Dental Medicine Faculty – UMF Carol Davila and will benefit from the participation of representatives of all the actors involved: The Faculty of Dental Medicine, The College of Dentists, The National Institute of Forensic Medicine, etc.
Access to this event is free for all dentists and Dental students.