We are a nonprofit organization whose existence counts over 20 years of activity in which the record of events and projects carried out includes:

  • 21 national and international congresses;
  • a Congress of the Balkan Association of Stomatology Societies (BaSS);
    two symposiums;
  • over 10 student training camps;
  • numerous training courses for dentists and students of dental medicine;
  • caravans and information campaigns, education, consultations and treatments for various categories of patients;
  • technical, didactic and financial support for many student congresses across the country;
  • social activities, material support and all kinds of support for peers in difficulty.

This year, the Symposium has as theme the “Interdisciplinary approach of teeth with endodontic pathology”, a topic as much as it is today, so important for the success of the treatments we are doing. The 3rd edition of the UNAS Symposium brings with it some news, either related to previous events organized by UNAS or in comparison with other similar events in the country and abroad:

  • a unique theme and a unitary program, structured on logical criteria, which provides the public with the easiness to follow the content of the presentations, regardless of the degree of training or the experience gained over time. We thank all the lecturers, who have the pleasure of adapting the content of the conferences to the requirements set by the organizers;
  • access to the conference room is only allowed to colleagues who have joined the Symposium;
  • the opportunity for colleagues present at the event to provide direct feedback on organizational and scientific aspects in order to improve the content of future editions as well as contributing to the choice of the theme for the next edition.
  • Conf. Dr. Horia Bălan
  • Dr. Radu Baston
  • Dr. Elena Braha
  • Dr. Liviu Daniel Căminescu
  • Dr. Roberto Cristian Cristescu
  • Prof. Dr. Bogdan Dimitriu
  • Prof. Dr. Rodica Luca
  • Dr. Sergiu Nicola
  • Dr. Alexandru Nicolau
  • Dr. Mihnea Ioan Nicolescu
  • Prof. Dr. Codruț Sarafoleanu
  • Dr. Miguel Seruca Marques

Certainly, the theme chosen for this year is one up-to-date and therefore we hope your interest will be great. The structure and content of the conferences have been designed so that we are convinced that they will be of interest to all specialties and all categories of dental practitioners, from those with a very rich experience to those in the making. Thus, the symposium addresses:

  • Dentist Generalists
  • Endodontic specialists, endodontic residents or dentists with limited endodontic practice
  • Parodontologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Prosthetic physicians
  • Doctors specializing in dento-alveolar and maxillo-facial surgery
  • Orthodontists
  • Students in Dental Medicine
  • Young doctors
  • Retired physicians
  • School doctors
  • Doctors in non – dental specialties: ENT, family medicine, cardiology, etc